Spencer Turbine Company


The Spencer Turbine Company was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1892.  Since inception, The Spencer Turbine Company has applied a unique engineering edge to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling applications with a large variety of products including the following:


  • Multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers
  • Multistage cast centrifugal blowers
  • Single stage centrifugal blowers
  • Exhausters
  • Gas boosters
  • Regenerative blowers
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Mobile and stationary self-contained vacuum units
  • Separators/dust collectors
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Electrical control panels
  • Vacuum inlet valves, hoses and tools
  • Metallic tubing and fittings

These products are identified by various registered trademarks that are your assurance of genuine Spencer quality. Some of our best-known trademarks are Power Mizer® cast multistage centrifugal blowers, Vortex® regenerative blowers, Industravac® self-contained vacuum systems and Jet-Clean® filtration separators.

Spencer has many blower types from single stage centrifugal and regenerative models to multistage centrifugals with fabricated or cast construction. Power Mizer® blowers with cast iron and aluminum components have very high operating efficiency suited for continuous-duty service, while fabricated blowers of carbon steel allow substitution of specialized metals for precise resistance to abrasion, corrosion or extreme temperatures. Overall performance maximums: 50,000 ICFM, 20 PSIG pressure, 15″ Hg vacuum.

Blowers range in size from fractional horsepower Vortex® regenerative blowers to 2000 HP multistage centrifugal blowers.

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